We Have the Best Countertops in New York City

At Bright Granite we install the best quality granite countertops in New York City. Counters take up a significant portion of your kitchen. Because of that, they have a strong effect on the aesthetic of the room. If your countertops are old and scratched, your kitchen will also appear older and more worn. If you hire our company to install new granite or quartz countertops, your kitchen will only benefit. It will look new and luxurious.

So if you are ready to make a change in your home for the better, dial (718) 310-7614 to reach us at Bright Granite.

We've been working with natural stone countertops in New York City for many years. For more than 20 years Bright Granite has been installing both granite and quartz counters. We are also to offer you our services at a great value. Our prices start at 35 dollars per foot. This is a great deal for the quality of stone; we only know how to work with the best! We've made it our mission statement to provide the best service the first and only time. Call us at (718) 310-7614 so we can get started today!

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